Top Fuel


At Dark Side we have focused our lives on harnessing that magical chemical CH3-NO2 "Nitromethane." It comes as no surprise that we focus our courses on the "Top" category of Drag Racing. Drag Racing 101 offers students a basic understanding of racing, safety, mechanics and a history of drag racing. Then we transition to NITRO.
*Custom classes can be developed and can focus on any part of our course outline. This is a phenomenal motivational tool that can be used to reward your sales force or excite your clients, and foster loyalty and goodwill.

1) Drag Racing 101

- Introduction
- Track - Lay Out, Starting Line, Surface, and Shutdown
- Timing Systems - History, Sportsman, Handicap (Bracket) and Pro
- Basic Rules, including the unwritten polices and procedures
- Types of Racing - Bracket, Sportsman, Pro, ------ and "NITRO"
- Racing - Eliminations, Qualifying, Match Racing
- Driving
- Safety
2) Nitro 101

- Introduction
- Safety
- History
- What makes it work and how different it is to gas/alcohol
- Dealing with explosives in a 4 stroke engine
- Balance Load / Compression / Ignition
- and what happens when you aren't successful

Driving :

1) Drag Racing 101
2) Nitro - 101
3) Start up procedures, staging, burnout, hand signals, shutdown procedure
4) Driver performance

A) Blown Alcohol / Training car - May be setup as a TAD/TD
or as Top Fuel
B) Top Fuel

Crew :

1) Drag Racing 101
2) Nitro - 101
3) Advanced Nitro - Fuel System, Clutch, Racepak,
4) Complete teardown of car (between rounds)
5) Basic systems (responsibility) Clutch, Heads, Bottom End,
Supercharger, Tires, Mixing Fuel
6) Tuning, Technical and Computer Systems

and / or Crew For A Day (event / weekend)

Crew Chief :

Advanced tuning, Technical and Computer Systems: Generally focused on a specific area -- Clutch, Fuel, Superchargers etc.

Corporate / Custom:

This may be integrated into a racing event or booked as a private track rental

-Team building
- Reward deserving employees
- Entertain clients in a new, exciting way
- Strengthen business relationships (Clients, employees, suppliers)
- Help your sponsor understand the sport of drag racing

- Catering
- Plaques/awards
- Group photos
- Videos (In-car video)