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When you invest in sponsorship with Dark Side Racing you are investing in opportunity. Sponsorship is about nurturing a brand's connection with its target market and putting their needs first. It is the most integratable of all marketing media.  
The beauty of a Dark Side Racing sponsorship is our ability to act as a catalyst, making your already existing activities work harder and be more effective.People appreciate sponsors who make their experience more enjoyable and Dark Side Racing will create relevant marketing impact at each of the events that we attend. Dark Side Racing creates the "experience" and provides a leverage platform of real critical mass.We are accessible, convenient and interactive and we recognize that the most important connection is the connection between your brand and the target markets.  We are the conduit  through which you connect with your target market.  That connection is what we call "The Dark Side Experience".   Read more

Hot August night (Aug 10)

The Show keeps getting BIGGER & BETTER!
We're getting ready for an incredible SPEED FOR ALL Weekend featuring Hot August night (Aug 10)
Show so Far Includes
Darkside Top Fuel Dragtser
3x AA Fuel Dragsters
Full Field ProMods
Alcohol F/C's
Exhibition "Beast" Diesel Rig
Exhibition Diesel Altered
Blue Line Racing
YIELD Racing