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Corporate Events

A Dark Side Racing corporate event is about creating experiences. We understand your clientele and we build an event that caters to their interests. Our mission is to entertain, engage and connect with our guests and make them feel like they are part of the team.
Our event branding and event promotion services give you the freedom to collaborate with us or let us take the lead and organize everything you need to ensure the project is a success. You get noticed at a Dark Side Racing corporate event.

In the example below Dark Side Racing collaborated with our team sponsor, Calgary Harley-Davidson and created an unforgettable customer appreciate event that integrated a prostate cancer/PROSTAID Calgary awareness theme. Dark Side Racing fosters goodwill and strengthens community relations through our activities with PROSTAID Calgary.
social media is another way Dark Side Racing effectively engages with your customers to increase brand recognition and improve brand loyalty.
Effective social media engagement lengthens the lifespan of a campaign and keeps your brand top-of-mind longer. Photos create buzz for those who did not attend the event, and builds excitement for the next one!

Fire Up For Prostate Cancer Awareness

Corporate Event

First you need a guest of honor...

Thank You

Jon Cornish.

Calgary Harley Davidson Girls
Calgary Roller Derby Association
an awesome band

Harley Davidson

Demo Rides

Playboy -

Miss October

Good food --

Maxim trucking (BBQ) and Spolumbo's Meats

Some Banners, autograph sessions, - Marketing and a Wave of Social Media
And Happy Customers...............