Top Fuel

Car 2

CHASSIS: Uyehara ENGINE: Aluminum AJPE
Wheelbase 300 inches Bore and Stroke 4.187 x 4.500 (500 c.i.)
Length 30 feet Horsepower 8,000 and up
Weight 2,300 lbs (including driver) Maximum RPM 8,300
Bell Housing Trick Titanium Fuel 90-percent Nitromethane
Rear End 12" Chrisman Enterprises Heads AJPE
Front Wheels Sanders Valve Train AJPE
Rear Wheels Weld Racing Intake AJPE
TRANSMISSION: Moore (Reverser)/High Gear Pistons ROSS
Parachute Taylor Ignition MSD
Saftey Taylor Spark Plugs Autolite
TIRES: Goodyear/Fountain Tire Oil Castrol
Supercharger SSI - F series Oil Filter Fram