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Top Fuel School

Top Fuel School
At Dark Side we have focused our lives on harnessing that magical chemical CH3NO2 "Nitromethane." It comes as no surprise that we focus our courses on the "Top" category of Drag Racing. Drag Racing 101 offers students a basic understanding of racing, safety, mechanics and a history of drag racing. Then we transition to NITRO.
*Custom classes can be developed and can focus on any part of our course outline. This is a phenomenal motivational tool that can be used to reward your sales force or excite your clients, and foster loyalty and goodwill.

1) Drag Racing 101

- Introduction
- Track - Lay Out, Starting Line, Surface, and Shutdown
- Timing Systems - History, Sportsman, Handicap (Bracket) and Pro
- Basic Rules, including the unwritten polices and procedures
- Types of Racing - Bracket, Sportsman, Pro, ------ and "NITRO"
- Racing - Eliminations, Qualifying, Match Racing
- Driving
- Safety
2) Nitro 101

- Introduction
- Safety
- History
- What makes it work and how different it is to gas/alcohol
- Dealing with explosives in a 4 stroke engine
- Balance Load / Compression / Ignition
- and what happens when you aren't successful

Driving :

1) Drag Racing 101
2) Nitro - 101
3) A) Driver practice - Burnouts
B) Driver practice - Partial Runs
C) Driver practice - Full runs

4) Driver performance

Crew :

1) Drag Racing 101
2) Nitro - 101
3) Advanced Nitro - Fuel System, Clutch, Racepak,
4) Complete teardown of car (between rounds)
5) Basic systems (responsibility) Clutch, Heads, Bottom End,
Supercharger, Tires, Mixing Fuel
6) Tuning, Technical and Computer Systems

and / or Crew For A Day (event / weekend)

Crew Chief :

Advanced tuning, Technical and Computer Systems: Generally focused on a specific area -- Clutch, Fuel, Superchargers etc.

Corporate / Custom:

This may be integrated into a racing event or booked as a private track rental

-Team building
- Reward deserving employees
- Entertain clients in a new, exciting way
- Strengthen business relationships (Clients, employees, suppliers)
- Help your sponsor understand the sport of drag racing

- Catering
- Plaques/awards
- Group photos
- Videos (In-car video)