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PCCN Calgary's Father's Day Walk and Run

Prostate Cancer Canada's Do It For Dads Walk/Run

On Father’s Day Sunday, June 15th, PCCN Calgary will participate in the “Do it for Dads Walk Run”. To donate, please go to PCCN Calgary for a link to the PCCN Calgary Warriors team.

The Do it for Dads Walk Run is a fun, family-friendly event, hosted on Father’s Day in cities across Canada. The Dark Side Racing Top Fuel Dragster will once again be on display at the Eau Claire Market-Festival Square as part of the PCCN Calgary entourage. PCCN Calgary's goal is to have a presence where ever prostates gather, and time and time again the Dark Side Racing Top Fuel Dragster has proven it has an uncanny ability to attract prostates.

Come for the run/walk, or come to see a race car that leaves the starting line with a force nearly 5 times that of gravity - the same force of the Space Shuttle when it leaves the launching pad at Cape Canaveral!! But please be sure to bring a toonie so you can purchase a raffle ticket to help support PCCN Calgary.

Check out the film footage of our Dark Side Racing engine start up at the Wild Wednesday Cruise Night on June 4. A great time was had by all!

Special thanks goes out to the Dark Side Racing Crew as well as the Grey Eagle Casino!

Please support our Dark Side Racing sponsors and business associates:

Harley Davidson of Calgary
PCCN Calgary
Castrol Canada
Can West Legacy
Extreme Engine Development
National Transmission - 14th St
Fast Eddie Racewear
VP Racing Fuels
Bob Meek

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